Frequently Asked Questions

Yes please call our office at 914-945-7050 to schedule an in home consultation.

We provide an emergency service line for our customers in the event an emergency happens.

Westchester County requires all licensed electrical contractors to carry and keep current general Liability and Workman’s comp insurance. With that said, any work completed in your home should be performed by a licensed and insured contractor for your safety.

Thunder storms are very unpredictable and can cause a lot of damage to every electronic and major appliance in your home.  It is recommended that you turn off your devices during a thunder storm to prevent a charge from traveling into your home and your devices causing them to burn out. Having a surge suppressor installed can help; call our office for more information.

The winters in the North East have become grueling.  The installation of de-icing cables are beneficial for several reasons.

  1. It protects your home by melting the accumulating snow and ice off the front of your roof so it doesn’t damage your soffits and interior walls.
  2. It prevents ice build up in your gutters and down spouts; therefore, preventing injury to home owners and visitors alike.

Yes, all major appliances should have dedicated outlets.

Blume Electric can and will provide the upmost professional installation for your electric vehicle. We meet with the customer for an on site consultation to determine the best location for the install.

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